Apple ID Update

If you are using your ECPI student email address as your Apple ID, you will be directed to choose a new Apple ID. Apple will send you instructions on how to change your Apple ID from to a different email address.  If you are not currently using an Apple ID that is your ECPI University student email address, you may disregard this message.

This change will take place on Monday, August 10th

What will happen with the existing data you purchased on the iPad using your student email address?

Nothing.  Updating the email address of your Apple ID only changes the username associated with your Apple ID. The data and purchases affiliated with your iPad remain with your account. Furthermore, the password you set for the iPad will not need to be changed. All your pictures, credit card information, app data, etc. will automatically be transferred over to the new account.  Again, nothing will change on the iPad.  All data and purchases will be retained.  

Be aware, you will receive frequent emails and device notifications from Apple until you change your Apple ID from to a different email address.

ECPI University Issued Apps

All apps and tools needed on the iPad will be added to the iPad by ECPI University.  If you wish to download an app, you will need to log into the App Store using the Apple ID you created (when you changed your email address) to add those apps to the iPad.  You will not be able to add apps under the Apple ID.


Please contact if you have any questions. Click here or copy and paste into a web browser for more information on the process of changing your Apple ID.

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